Jim Moody has been performing for 40 years. Jim was born in St. Louis, MO. His interest in magic was sparked when his grandmother took him to see The Great Blackstone at the Old American Theater in St. Louis.JIM MOODY BIG CARD

From then on he honed his skills performing for friends whenever he got the chance. He also performed in the Cub and Boy Scouts, as well as for shipmates in the U.S. Navy. When he first started in magic, he developed an act that was reminiscent of Vaudeville and early nightclubs. It was a short 12-14 minute silent act performed to music in top hat and tails with beautiful white birds appearing and vanishing. His stage name was Sir James and His Sophisticated Sorcery.

Performing this act for a few years, he discovered that this type of act was limited to certain locations and conditions. So he began to work on a “Talk Act” and it progressed into the 45-50 minute act he is doing today which emphasizes on comedy.

Jim calls himself a “Magicomedian,” mixing magic and comedy with audience participation. He calls it “Out-of-the-sleeve-magic-with-off-the-cuff-comedy”.

His stage name is now: Jim Moody – The “Crowd Teaser”. Jim has performed in nightclubs, theaters, dinner theaters, The Playboy Club, them clubs, resorts, ships, trade shows, malls, fairs, riverboats, corporate functions, and numerous other venues. He has been a warm-up act for and has performed with many stars in the entertainment industry.

He is a member of the Society of American Magicians, The International Brotherhood of Magicians, The Order of Merlin, The Leesburg, FL Magic Club, Entertainers League of Florida, The St. Louis Magicians Round-Table, and a past member of the St. Louis Society of American Magicians and International Brotherhood of Magicians.

He has also taken 1st place in magicians competitions in both the IBM and SAM in close-up and stand-up categories.